Core Scientific Brings High-End AI Compute to Equinix Customers

Core Scientific Brings High-End AI Compute to Equinix Customers

Core Scientific announced that it is providing the Core Scientific's Cloud for Data Scientists™ and the Core Scientific AiLab™ to Equinix customers via the Equinix Cloud Exchange FabricTM (ECX FabricTM). Built on verified architectures that combine NVIDIA DGX systems for compute and flash storage technology, the Cloud for Data Scientists provides accelerated GPU compute tuned to the demands of deep learning. 

Core Scientific is a leader in artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, delivering best-in-class infrastructure and software solutions. In an increasingly distributed and connected world, Core Scientific believes that AI and blockchain are changing the way information is processed, shared and stored across a range of industries.

Announced earlier this year, the Core Scientific AiLab™ is an artificial intelligence and machine learning cloud built from the ground up for the needs of data scientists. "Providing leading edge AI infrastructure and AI applications and tools to Equinix customers is an integral part of our strategy," said Kevin Turner, CEO of Core Scientific. "Our goal to empower data scientists includes solving for those companies that have their data co-located in Equinix facilities."  This will be achieved via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, an on-demand, SDN-enabled interconnection service that allows any business to connect between its own distributed infrastructure and any other company's distributed infrastructure, including the world's largest network service and cloud providers, on Platform Equinix.

"As the ecosystem of companies conducting business with each other continues to grow across Platform Equinix, we are thrilled that Core Scientific is now offering private access to its GPU infrastructure and software services to Equinix customers via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric," said Jason Sfaelos, Business Development Director of Blockchain & Neural Data Systems at Equinix. "Having a near cloud GPU compute offering provides tremendous value to companies attempting to derive insights from their exponential data growth while also integrating with the rest of their hybrid multicloud architecture at Equinix."

"With the coming 5G data deluge, the need for GPU accelerated software will become paramount," said Ian Ferreira, Chief Product Officer for AI at Core Scientific. "The increase in data collection and processing is going to be too challenging for traditional CPU-based cloud infrastructure."


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