SVH Launches its Blockchain-Powered Auditing API

SVH Launches its Blockchain-Powered Auditing API

SimplyVital Health (SVH) is re-engineering healthcare for trust and value through decentralized technology so data actually moves. SVH is excited to announce a crucial tool for driving trust and value: Aletheia, a straightforward event-logging API that increases trust between data-sharing partners.

SVH's decentralized tools, such as Aletheia, are the product of industry-driven demands for transparency between healthcare organizations that need to share critical patient data in the growing value based care environment.

Aletheia allows developers to leverage blockchain characteristics to build trust within processes by storing application events on public blockchains. Using smart contracts, the API stores cryptographic hashes along with meta-data to provide an immutable history of application events, including the state of complete data objects. This enables an audit-able trail of data access and changes using public immutable blockchains such as Ethereum and SVH's Nexus. 

"Aletheia is versatile. We're using it in our own platform to help providers with MIPS requirements," said Lucas Hendren, CTO of SVH. "The immutability aids with security and compliance in healthcare."


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