Paxia Partners With Marlabs to Drive Digital Enablement

Paxia Partners With Marlabs to Drive Digital Enablement

Marlabs announced their partnership with Paxia where Marlabs will assist in building and supporting the digital technology assets that will drive Paxia's growth. Paxia is a provider of  cloud-based catering management solutions. For over 20 years, global airlines of all sizes have counted on Paxia's catering operations products and expert services teams to reduce wastage, save on fuel, and manage and simplify delivering onboard services.

Paxia solutions support all sizes of airlines and deliver the level of quality, automation, and control required by them — adapting to airline systems, processes, and business initiatives. Their products and services simplify the complexities of catering management by allowing better planning and more automation, giving a better ROI and ultimately, positively impacting the airline's bottom line.

The core solutions from Paxia include: (1) Cloud-based Paxia IFX -- This is a cloud-based catering management solution that provides a holistic view of entire onboard services processes from the warehouse, to the flight, to billing reconciliation, to reporting and optimization. From pre-flight, to day-of and post-flight operations, Paxia IFX provides real-time visibility to plan, deliver, monitor, adapt, and report on all the services that airlines manage for every flight, every day. It empowers airlines to manage and have complete control of their onboard services from pre-flight planning to flight operations to post-flight reconciliation and optimization. (2) Cloud-based Paxia GP – This is an easy-to-use galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution. It is a vendor sharable portal for galley designs, loading plans, equipment inventory/balancing, and the entire supply chain.

Paxia hopes to eventually extend their catering technology solutions to the larger Logistics and Transportation sectors, sharing the benefits already delivered to their core airline customer base.

The relationship between Marlabs and Paxia will include Digital Product Engineering, Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation, as well as DevOps and Cloud Transformation. Divergence, the Marlabs digital innovation labs, will enable Paxia to push the boundaries with emerging digital technologies. Divergence brings the power of digital innovation to organizations that are looking to leapfrog into the digital age. The goal is to generate new business ideas at an exponentially faster rate, incubate them via emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT, and accelerate them by using an ecosystem of startups.

Ashwani Bhasin, Chief Revenue Officer, Marlabs, had this to say, "Paxia has ambitious growth plans to become a global leader in cloud-based catering management solutions across multiple industries. Digital technologies and frameworks will underpin all their offerings to provide agile, next-generation solutions to their customers. Marlabs is excited to partner with Paxia on their journey as their digital technology enablement arm."

Rodney, President and COO, Paxia, added, "To succeed in a software business, you must surround yourself with partners that understand your vision, bring value, and can assist in achieving your goals. For the past 11 years, Marlabs has been a valued partner to Paxia and has helped to develop and deploy Paxia's market-leading cloud-based catering management solutions trusted by the world's airlines. We look forward to years of fruitful collaboration."


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