Softbank Issues SBC Wallet Cards

Softbank’s SBC Wallet Cards to be released soon. SBC Wallet Cards improve the shortcomings of traditional wallets by providing better security and access. The SBC Wallet Cards utilizes its own encryption system, realizes multiple encryption mechanisms and can realize hot and cold wallet functions.

Softbank’s SBC Wallet Cards to be released soon. SBC Wallet Cards improve the shortcomings of traditional wallets by providing better security and access. The SBC Wallet Cards utilizes its own encryption system, realizes multiple encryption mechanisms and can realize hot and cold wallet functions.

In terms of technology, the SBC Wallet Cards has an app that utilizes the most up-to-date trends. The legal currency storage function, credit card function and electronic payment service eliminate the time for block confirmation and realize the function of timely redemption and payment. In the version of Softbank Card 3.0, the Wi-Fi function, the Fiat and digital currency switching buttons, and the information display screen are integrated. In the Wi-Fi module, the SBC implements a hot wallet when the Wi-Fi function is turned on, and a cold wallet when the Wi-Fi is turned off. The card is embedded in the world’s only cutting-edge technology battery (simply put a smart led screen on the SBC card which displays the balance of your card), which is paper thin, and can be used for three years.

User interface on the SBC Wallet Cards app is simple. The Fiat and digital currency switching buttons can be quickly switched between the Fiat currency and the digital currency by the left and right buttons. Card balance and other information can be displayed in real time.

The emergence of SBC greatly shortens the preparation time before card issuance, reduces the issuance cost of multiple cards, greatly enhances the relationship between users/merchants and issuers, and can quickly respond and replace in the event of theft through electronic black technology.

In addition to the basic functions of a bank card, this is the first time that the Softbank card technology has come into life. Users can control the smart home appliances in the home by password, lender, debit, credit payment, etc. In addition, the user’s personal assets are secure. SBC Wallet Cards have received strong support from well-known local agents, and a payment system for 10,000 stores in Japan has recently been opened, and will be available in the United States, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Dubai. With the SBC Wallet Cards, the Softbank team is making a big break in the blockchain payment arena.

“We are not doing simple cards, but are creating a flexible and faster life of the application scene and the future of payment integration. The SBC we built does not close to other encryption cards. You’ll know the black technology only after you used it,” said the Softbank SBC Project Leader.

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