MEDSiS Officially Announces Publication of White Paper

MEDSiS Officially Announces Publication of White Paper

On the eve of MEDSiS International's publishing of its White Paper, the budding FinTech payments company that prides themselves on strengthening currencies for countries and financial freedom for everyone else, is promising several new announcements. This includes new banking and issuing agreements, banking territories around the world, and much more. "Our goal has been not only to get our current contracts in place, but to create a global environment that will support those contracts, especially in Argentina and Brazil," comments Joshua Dax Cabrera, CEO of MEDSiS.

Due to earlier funding challenges, MEDSiS has been delayed in the launching of their over 15 million user contracts in Argentina and Brazil, but as 2019 comes to a close, completion in these areas and goals are ramping up.

With the launch of their White Paper, the commitment to complete their partnerships that would allow them to issue to consumers in more than 34 countries globally, and their updated plans for both their legacy payments platforms as well as Maxwell, MEDSiS is on the verge of reaching their publicly stated 2019 goals. With new partnerships being finalized this week, even the licensing and previous profit projections will be outdated as MEDSiS expects to move to a minimum of 160 basis points on transactions for all live contracts, which would make MEDSiS and the future Maxwell ecosystem even more lucrative.


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