Torex IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the ProBit Exchange

Torex IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the ProBit Exchange

Torex, the multifunctional blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading, is offering extended trading features, including an Arbitrage Tool, Price Notification, Price Checker, HODL Tool, and developing Traders' Ideas, Copy Trading, Crypto Betting, and fully-featured mobile crypto trading application. The debut round of its TOR (Torex token) is priced at $1/TOR on ProBit Exchange. The highest possible bonus of 45% for this 1st Round, is offered for all TOR purchased using PROB (ProBit Exchange token).

The Torex Trading platform is integrated with 6 crypto exchanges (API trading with Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Huobi, Bittrex and Poloniex) and will support up to 23 exchanges in 2020, allowing traders to monitor the currency rates on different exchanges, and buy/sell accordingly. It offers Price Notification, an alert sent via Telegram Bot, to let traders know as soon as possible when the indicated price points are reached.

The platform even includes for crypto traders what is known as a, "Trailing Stop" used to pull the order limit along with the price. In manual mode, the technical adjustment of the order can be made, specifying for how much percent the "stop-loss" can go on. The trader may buy a coin and put it on sale, and if the market starts to rise sharply, but doesn't reach the indicated top, Torex moves the stop-loss, thereby allowing the user to profit. 

An Arbitrage Tool is also available on the Torex platform, as the high fluctuation of prices in cryptocurrencies creates unique opportunities for inter-exchange arbitrage. The Arbitrage Tool of Torex helps traders profit from when the rate of a particular cryptocurrency at one exchange differs in price from another.

The Arbitrage Tool of Torex will have two modes: Automatic and Manual. In Manual mode, the assistant carries out the functions of search and display of arbitrage windows on exchanges, with access to current prices. A trader can also select other parameters to narrow down the selection, namely: Exchanges with Open Arbitrage Windows, Currency Pairs to be Analyzed, Minimum Trading Volume and Minimum Percentage of Profit Expected.

In Automatic mode, the Assistant will search for arbitrage windows, perform the corresponding trading operations and transfer money between exchanges. The user will only be required to make basic adjustments.

The basic Torex trading platform functionality is, and will be, available free of charge. You are welcome to open a free account. TOR tokens will allow crypto traders to gain access to advanced features on the platform after the IEO, once the service becomes paid, and to pay for such services as Traders' Idea (subscription to other traders' tips), Copy Trading, and smart contract-enabled Crypto Betting.

The Torex universal, user-friendly platform with its flexible mobile version will fulfill the various needs of cryptocurrency traders worldwide. The first round of its IEO with ProBit Exchange gives you the possibility to be part of it.


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