The xx network Whitepaper and Praxxis Technical Brief Announcement

David Chaum announced the upcoming release of the xx network Whitepaper and Praxxis Technical Brief, providing details and insight into the xx network and xx coin, the blockchain and cryptocurrency powered by Elixxir and Praxxis technology.

Chaum described key features of the xx network consensus protocol, including quantum-secure trustless initialization, an unmanipulatable random seed, constant-sized endorser sampling, and compact quantum-secure group signatures which provide unprecedented efficiency.

When combined with the Elixxir metadata-shredding technology, the xx network provides a protected digital sphere where people can share ideas, sell products and services, and exchange value with security and privacy. These documents are expected to be available next week.

“The xx network and xx coin will empower individuals to protect their privacy and choose how data is collected about their digital lives,” said David Chaum. “In a world where digital privacy is threatened by large, powerful organizations, the xx network and xx coin secure parity between individuals and centralized powers.”

The announcement took place in Amsterdam at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (“National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science”), the site of some of Chaum’s pioneering research into cryptography and digital currency. This lecture is part of a two-day event which also featured Chaum being honored with the Dijkstra Fellowship.

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