TOMIA Wins 'Best Blockchain Innovation' Award

TOMIA Wins 'Best Blockchain Innovation' Award

TOMIA, which specializes in global connectivity monetization solutions, was delighted to take home the award for Best Blockchain Innovation at the 15th annual Global Carrier Awards in London.

TOMIA, together with its partners Microsoft, R3 and KPMG unveiled a blockchain solution which was recognized at the Global Carrier Awards for the value it can bring for Settlements among carriers.

The solution was developed in light of rapid technological advancements in the telecoms industry whereby the rise of new use cases such as 5G and IoT devices have necessitated a more effective settlement optimization process. The new solution from TOMIA increases the level of trust and reduces disputes across the interconnect, mobile and roaming worlds, providing full transparency and visibility for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to make reliable transactions.

"We congratulate TOMIA on winning Best Blockchain Innovation, which underscores the high benchmark the company has achieved in the carrier space," said Rosalind Irving, CEO of Capacity Media.

"The past 12 months have been an exciting year for the industry. We are witnessing a revolutionary period of change in the way that consumers and businesses communicate and demand higher quality, faster and more accessible, reliable connectivity for content," said Jason McGee-Abe, Editor-in-Chief and head judge for the awards.

TOMIA's cloud-based blockchain intercarrier settlement platform has made serious strides this year becoming a leader in settlement solutions for the market.

Andrei Elefant, CPO of TOMIA said, "We are honored to receive this award to recognize the technological brilliance demonstrated by our team, along with our top-tier partners. This solution is changing the way settlement and dispute management is handled across both interconnect and roaming worlds and we're glad to be commended for that. We are privileged to work with Microsoft, R3 and KPMG throughout this journey."


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