Ex-Softbank executive launches L3COS project to promote blockchain

Zurab Ashvil known as the “Z Man”, a former Softbank employee, has decided to launch the L3COS project in order to provide blockchain security to governments, businesses and individuals.

L3COS gives governments control over a blockchain infrastructure in a global network which they can use to communicate with each other, businesses and citizens alike. Blockchain technology promises to offer transparency and trustless interaction. This is what makes them attractive to so many individuals, governments and businesses.

L3COS recognizes that it cannot be everything to everyone and therefore has 3 layers to attend to the needs of its 3 customer types (i.e. governments, businesses and individuals). The top level being Proof of Government (PoGvt), the middle being Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and the last being Proof of Storage (PoST).


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