UK's Unicorn announces blockchain services for all industries

UK's Unicorn announces blockchain services for all industries

A technology company known as Unicorn, based in the United Kingdom, is planning to promote blockchain technology across all industries according to a source from PRNewsWire. "Unicorn's technology will be an innovative step into Industry 4.0 and we will create a blockchain technology revolution that will comprehensively bring a positive impact to all areas and businesses in countries that Unicorn is targeting." Said Kim Waddoup, CEO of Unicorn.

Unicron offers a secure and speedy network provided by Unicorn Web. This technology goes wherever Unicorn goes and thus helps in the promotion of blockchain technology worldwide. Unicron also helps businesses adapt to new blockchain technology through Unic Brain.

Unic Brain is the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology built on blockchain and is expected to rival Google according to a source. Moreover, Unic Chain is a global ecosystem with partners such as Google, Facebook and



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