Prospects of Smart Cities

Prospects of Smart Cities

A source on PRNewsWire confirms that there are over 700 cities applying for the construction of smart cities. China has the biggest number of smart cities. This is all due to the fast growth of 5G technologies, cloud, big data and the internet of things (IoT).

Smart cities do not necessarily devout a city from its uniqueness. Sølve Fauskevåg, president of the Global Smart Society of Innovation Norway, intends to keep the Viking style and spirit of the cities there.Drew Stevenson, head of governmental enterprise and technology at Rockhampton in Australia, confirms that even though Rockhampton is a rather traditional city, it still finds a way of intellegenizing and moving forward.

Representative of Huawei and ZTE agree that 5G and AI applications are important for smart cities. Huawei reps stress on how important and challenging the data aspect of things is. While ZTE reps add "a global intelligent data collection network, pan-loaded information network, intelligent information, and an open application system".

Tang Rixin, vice president of the Digital Government Business Department of Alibaba, stated that "future cities" have arrived. In Hangzhou and Wuhan, the "brain" of the city is connected to hospitals and is now able to increase traffic efficiency. 

"Artificial intelligence also functions in phases due to lack of computing power and data size, which results in the valley capacity. However, with the advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence has entered a new stage of development. Application of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and blockchain can greatly improve the efficiency of the city and enhance the user experience" added the representatives of Ping An Smart City.

The winners of the most focused "Asia-Pacific Leading Smart City 2019" were: Pusan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Newcastle of Australia, Rockhampton of Australia, Shenzhen, Singapore, Suzhou, Taipei, and Wellington of New Zealand. 


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