FiO's First Tech Community hows Off Blockchain Solutions

FiO's First Tech Community hows Off Blockchain Solutions


According to a source on PRNewsWire, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) enterprise FiO held a tech meetup in Taipei, Many discussions happened by its developers and IBM senior consultants.

Guest speaker Jack Wu, senior technical consultant at IBM Taiwan's Cloud Computing and Cognitive Software Division discussed IBM's public cloud technology with those who attended and Kaede Tai, FiO's chief technology officer (CTO), provided an explanation and a demonstration of the FiO ecosystem in addition to the wider benefits and new opportunities of blockchain technology. 

With the growing interest in blockchain technology, many industries are spending a lot on research and development related to the technology. FiO is one of those companies that are trying to accelerate and ameliorate the application of blockchain technology. FiO offers a blockchain platform on which any firm can build and customize making it very beneficial to public and private organizations.

Kaede gave a demonstration of the new management system that can be operated by non-technical users as well and added:  "We originally targeted engineers directly via the FiO SDK and app. However, we've made recent technological breakthroughs that remove the need for users to be skilled in programming. Therefore, we're pivoting to a service that will fulfill our mission of bringing 'crypto to the community'".


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