David Chaum Announces xx coin

It was reported on PRNewsWire that David Chaum, a cryptography pioneer, announced that the xx coin (digital currency) will be supporting decentralized messaging, payments and DApps across the xx network.

“The xx coin and xx network will serve smartphone users and dApp developers by harnessing both the metadata-shredding anonymity and privacy of Elixxir and the security, speed and scalability of Praxxis,” said Chaum. “By successfully bringing the projects together, the xx network resolves the tension between speed/scale and privacy/security.”

Early supporters of the xx collective will be eligible for certain benefits on the xx network. The network was developed to answer people’s demand for privacy. It currently supports the following: the xx messenger and an Elixxir dApp.

“For all of us to feel comfortable online with the more important and sometimes sensitive parts of our lives, we need money with financial privacy and security to conduct our affairs,” said William Carter, COO of Praxxis. “And to support users worldwide we need low-latency, high-speed performance at scale.  The xx coin provides a way for Praxxis and Elixxir software to achieve these goals running on the decentralized xx network. Next step is beta!”


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