Capfolio Launches Unified Next Generation Trading Platform

Capfolio Launches Unified Next Generation Trading Platform

PRNewsWire reported that Capfolio has launched a cryptotrading platform with a scalability feature, strong security and a powerful interface. It is made for the expert and the beginner and using it can be eihter automatic or manual.

"After researching all the different platforms out there for my own trading, I realized that none of them offered everything a trader needs to navigate the trading space effectively," said CTO and co-founder of Capfolio, Aman Bedi. "So that's why we developed the Capfolio trading platform. We offer more features than anyone else in the cryptocurrency trading space; and we have brought everything under one roof so that users no longer have to subscribe to multiple services to get all of the data they require to make informed trades."

Through Capfolio, one can manage their portfolio, allocate assets and create customized algorithms. The features included in the platform are: automated trading, social trading, backtesting allocations, curated research, manual trading and security.



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