Bitcoin Association Announces European Ambassadors

Bitcoin Association Announces European Ambassadors

The Bitcoin Association, according to a source from PRNewswire, revealed its European ambassadors. Bitcoin SV (BSV) has greater data and payment capabilities than BTC but it is still considered Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen comments: "With BSV showing such phenomenal growth and finally realizing the blockchain technology's true potential, it is now time for us to laser focus in active regions. Our Ambassadors are leaders in their territory's blockchain and technology industries, and their knowledge will further enhance BSV's development as the global enterprise blockchain."

The ambassadors are the following:

From Russia, Alexander Shulgin - Founder & CEO, Gruppa Kompaniy Familia. "Alexander's GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA company specializes in investment and venture capital in blockchain, media, new media, publishing, and entertainment sectors. He runs the Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Mining Summit in Irtkutsk, Russia."

From Scandanavia, Stephan Nilsson - Co-Founder and CEO, UNISOT. "Based in Norway, Stephan's company UNISOT is an enterprise blockchain service provider providing turnkey solutions, built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, that solves problems in global supply chains."

From Germany, Josh Petty - Founder and CEO of Twetch. "Twetch an ad-free social media application where you can profit from content creation and own your data." and Stefan Landrock – Founder and " is a Website Builder which allows artists and photographers to present their work in a new and easy way. [...] is committed to help people understand Bitcoin and to build its ecosystem in Germany."

From Spain, Alex Agut - Co-founder & CEO, HandCash, "HandCash makes better Bitcoin apps and services, all built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain." 



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