DiLLaS to improve the logistics of supply chain through blockchain

DiLLaS to improve the logistics of supply chain through blockchain

The DiLLaS PR Team came into contact with UNLOCK and announced that it's revolutionizing the control of SLA (service level agreements) adherence across the logistics supply chain. With so much that can go wrong when shipping,  DiLLaStm (Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply chain management - the ledger and application layer), GRAVITY (the core technology layer) and Telbase (for CRM, billing and payment process) decided to team up in order to improve this industry.

DiLLaS is a blockchain digital service that makes all data transparent and available to every involved party. The service does not change any functionalities but rather, it glues everything together. “Imagine a classic shipping expedition, in which the package is being handed over from transport company to logistics distribution centre, crosses a border, goes through an ownership transfer; we log all these events, all service level agreement violations and track who has the responsibility of the package at that point in time. The sender, the receiver, the warehouse and all others in between can have access to this data in real-time,” Innotractor’s CEO and co-founder Frank Hermans says. This is all to simplify tasks and make them more efficient.

In addition it helps with transparency and accountability by allowing stakeholders to intervene. “Every year, millions of drugs and medications reach their destination degraded because of incorrect shipping and have to be scrapped,” Hermans says. Poor supply chain management costs US hospitals alone around USD25 Billion. With DiLLaS this waste can be reduced.

A source told UNLOCK "the platform’s core blockchain ledger allows for a trusted and decentralised recollection of all events related to the shipment, that all stakeholders in the value chain can access for security, reporting, SLA management and transactions. The data generated becomes then visible and actionable by means of a smartphone or tablet application".


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