aPay to launch High-performance Blockchain-based Payment Processor

aPay to launch High-performance Blockchain-based Payment Processor

According to a source from BusinessWire, aPay Systems LTD opened its offices in Malta with the presence of Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Silvio Schembri, MP. who said "The inauguration of these offices proves government’s proactive stance in providing a robust regulatory framework on Distributed Ledger Technology bearing valuable fruit and reinforces Malta’s decision in being at the forefront of this industry."

He later encouraged aPay's goal to purchase a Maltese Virtual Financial Assets service provider license, saying, “‘I thank aPay Systems for not only demonstrating their confidence in Malta but the changes the government is affecting within this sector, which are ultimately proving a secure ambience for the industry to operate within as well as enabling valuable economic growth for our country.”

The new headquarters can fit 25 members of staff. Philipp Sauerborn, CEO added “Malta is the ideal home for the aPay group of companies. For innovative blockchain-based financial services, all roads lead to Malta, and aPay has established a significant physical presence on the widest of those roads.” He later announced that aPay would be the biggest participant at the Malta Blockchain Summit saying: “aPay will be demonstrating the biggest new developments in the blockchain online payments sector, which we will showcase at the Summit".

There will be a live demonstration on how to perform live transactions from the aPay blockchain “aPay’s demonstration of speedy, blockchain-focused operability with a major credit card network will impress visitors,” commented Mr. Sauerborn. “Before aPay’s integration of technology concepts driven by the aBey blockchain development project, transactions written to other blockchains would require minutes, even hours to complete. However, aPay completes every transaction in milliseconds. There is no other blockchain-focused payments processor which can deliver such speed and flexibility, demanded by businesses and consumers.”

Dr. Ciprian Pungila, co-creator of the open source aBey blockchain stated "the aBey Foundation is happy to be a licensor of aBey technology to aPay Systems. aPay’s demand for fluid, high-volume transactions are easily met by our underlying technology, which we believe to be amongst the world’s fastest and most flexible.” Dr. Pungila will make scheduled appearances at the aPay booth as well as delivering the Malta Blockchain Summit’s opening day keynote speech, alongside Hon. Schembri.


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