EY helps build a blockchain-based solution for supply-chain management

A resource management comapny known as Block2 in Australia selected EY to provide their 2Mota software services which helps SMEs (Small and Medium Entreprises) provide resource and asset sharing services in a peer-to-peer marketplace. According to a press release on PRNewsWire, 2Mota provides B2B and B2C services.

2Mota is particularly tied to the car repair indsutry allowing people or businesses to ask for services for their verhicles and eventually select a service based on price, location, quality etc.

On an industry level, 2Mota allows compatibility by solving problems of peaks and troughs that usually create problems for SMEs. Block2 will allow businesses to optimize various resources. Block2 will follow the trend of utilizing assets instead of buying or owning them.

Paul Brody, EY Global Blockchain Leader, says: “As blockchain technology continues to evolve around the world, we are able to find new ways to improve efficiency and limit unnecessary losses. The use of a blockchain-based peer-to-peer marketplace is an efficient means of introducing elasticity into sectors where traditional fixed ownership presents barrier to profitability. Block2’s marketplace will allow companies, particularly SMEs, to optimize resources and make best use of the human capital available to them. EY OpsChain Tesseract will allow Block2 to leverage the current trend of ‘using’ assets, rather than owning them – much the way the hospitality industry is doing today.”

Eden Spencer, Founder and CEO, Block2, says: “Small and medium sized businesses, like automotive repair companies, must manage demand to ensure success in an increasingly competitive environment. Block2’s peer-to-peer marketplace addresses challenges in Australia’s automotive repair industry, whereby the lack of supply and demand management is impacting business productivity, investment planning and growth.”

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