Blockade Games and SludgeFeed team up to promote blockchain gaming

Blockade Games and SludgeFeed team up to promote blockchain gaming

Blockade Games and SludgeFeed partner up to promote blockchain gaming. According to source from BusinessWire, Blockade Games, the creator of the game Neon, teamed up with SludgeFeed, a blockchain website to launch Neon District: Season One which will allow players to win in-game items.

“SludgeFeed is right on target with Blockade Games' mission to bring blockchain gaming into the mainstream, while still honoring the crypto community,” said Marguerite deCourcelle, CEO of Blockade Games. “We are proud to be aligned with such an innovative, respected, and growing media brand.”

"While crypto-fueled gaming is still in its infancy, the gameplay and design quality of Neon District, as well as its availability on Steam, offer an opportunity for us to help bridge the worlds of traditional and blockchain gaming," added Tom Stankewicz, co-creator and Editor in Chief of SludgeFeed.

By combining blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), this partnership will form new ways for media brands to widen their audience and earn revenue through the game.

"It's becoming increasingly more difficult for online media brands to survive on advertisement revenue alone," said Craig Russo, co-creator of SludgeFeed. "That's why we decided to build SludgeFeed at the intersection of cryptocurrency and gaming, as it opens the door for new and unique opportunities. We could think of no better partner to explore this new territory than Blockade Games."

The partnership is planning to unveil new projects soon as well. Christopher Chapman, Executive Producer of Blockade Games, added, “Neon District is this chaotic urban hell saturated in a censored, government-run version of social media. From a design perspective, we needed to create a scrappy, underground media brand to give the player useful information for in-game missions. SludgeFeed reached out to us on a separate topic, and I thought, "Wait a minute. They are perfect!" We are excited to see where the 'Sludge' storyline will take us and what game design opportunities will grow out of this unique partnership.” 



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