Penta Security Release Digital Asset Management Solution PALLET Z

Penta Security Release Digital Asset Management Solution PALLET Z

According to a source in PRNewsWire, Penta Security Systems Inc. launched PALLET Z, a hardware security module for asset management solutions. PALLET Z is constructed to protect against asset management threats, thus, maximizing efficiency. It is built on PALLET framework, a crypto algorithm blockchain protocol developed by Penta Security. 

Best designed for institutions that need both authentication and a segregation of duties (SoD) functions, it blocks all unwanted access and prevents against any untrusted devices. All features and keys operate in a trusted execution environment (TEE) that allows 6 multi-functions including multi-signature and multi-party computation. 

"With an increasing number of countries accelerating blockchain development, we're more than thrilled to be introducing PALLET products across the world," said SangGyoo Sim, CTO of Penta Security. "As the top cybersecurity vendor in Asia, we're hoping to initiate the movement towards the DeFi ecosystem with digital asset management, node, and custody services via our PALLET products."


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