Blockchain Gaming Start-up Planetarium Joins Ubisoft

Blockchain Gaming Start-up Planetarium Joins Ubisoft

According to a source from PRNewsWirePlanetarium, one of the first blockchain companies from Asia was chosen for the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, started by Ubisoft, a world-leader in gaming.

"The focus this season is in line with our goal to explore potential blockchain use cases for the gaming industry, and see how the technology could enhance players' gaming experience," said Catherine Seys, Start-up Program Director at Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab. "Planetarium has already demonstrated its technical expertise with its open source project and caught our attention with their new user-participatory gaming paradigm using blockchain."

The entrepreneurs lab will take actions to develop Planetarium's gaming blockchain technology Libplanet, and the promotion of its next game Nine Chronicles.

"We are excited to confirm that global game leaders like Ubisoft are investigating decentralization technology as the future of gaming." said Kijun Seo, CEO of Planetarium. "We have already started collaborating with Ubisoft's expert teams on many areas of the project. With their help, we hope to lead the growth of decentralized gaming through a successful launch of Nine Chronicles."

Planetarium is known for Libplanet which provides developers with great tools to create decentralized blockchain games.


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