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UAE INVAO partners with London Derivatives Exchange

INVAO Group has partnered with London Derivatives Exchange (LDX). The trading platform will support INVAO in launching its IVO –  Blockchain Diversified Bond(ISIN: LI0471823018) in the UK on a regulated marketplace.  

INVAO has recently launched the third of four financing rounds after it had gained Dubai-based Investech Partners as a strategic investor. LDX will use its established platform to promote INVAO’s IVO Bond. It will support INVAO in marketing the bond through private placements to qualified investors in the UK. Hex Trust Hong Kong will provide asset custody services and Smarter Contracts has developed the involved coding smart contracts. 

With the listing of the token, INVAO’s investors will get access to a functioning secondary market. Ahmed Jacob, CTO at INVAO Group and Dubai-based Managing Partner, explains, “Liquid secondary markets are important for our investors as it enables them to resell the token at a low cost. With LDX and its associated companies, we have gained strong partners to grant our investors access to an established trading platform based in the heart of Europe’s financial capital.” 

INVAO uses active portfolio management and AI automated trading to outperform markets at all times while enabling effective downside protection. Since the beginning of the year, IVO has outperformed the 30 largest blockchain assets combined by more than 100 percent. INVAO reinvests its trading profits into the token to ensure sustainable long-term value creation. 

The partnership with LDX, a platform regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), further emphasizes INVAO’s desire to contribute to the development of a regulated blockchain ecosystem. The investment manager believes blockchain assets need to adhere to the same regulatory standards as the traditional financial system. “We want to enable UAE-based investors to invest in a safe and sound environment that does not expose them to unnecessary risks,” explains Ahmed Jacob. “This is the benchmark to attract both retail and institutional investors.” The securities prospectus of the IVO Bond was accepted by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) and has been passported to the UK and several other EU-countries. 

Vj Angelo, CEO at LDX, comments on the partnership with INVAO, “LDX is looking forward to being a part of this innovative project and working closely with INVAO and all of our associate partners in the ecosystem to ensure a successful placement and launch of the STO on the LDX platform.

We believe that INVAO’s application of this new method of fund-raising along with their longer-term objectives in the use of Blockchain and proprietary platforms demonstrates the wider spread faith in the innovative technologies and the opportunities by such reputable firms. A big thank you to the INVAO team for choosing London Derivatives Exchange and our associate companies to partner in this project.”

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