Abu Dhabi Digital Authority to launch Blockchain strategy and Policy in 2019

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority to launch Blockchain strategy and Policy in 2019

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority Buy a Car journey using Blockchain

UNLOCK interviewed Mr. Abdulla Mohamed Al Kendi, Executive Director for Data and Applied Intelligence sector at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority during Gitex technology week 2019. The interview came in line with the announcements made by ADDA on its Blockchain based customer journey.

According to Al Kendi, “Abu Dhabi Digital Authority is finalizing and seeking approval from UAE Executive Council on both its blockchain strategy as well as its blockchain guidance document. This is the first guidance to be issued in the region and will be used for those who are interested in implementing blockchain to take into consideration what standards to use governance model. It should be finalized and published before the end of the year.”

As part of its Blockchain strategy Abu Dhabi Digital Authority has implemented a blockchain solution for one of its customer journeys, “Buying a Car”. Al Kendi states, “We implemented this blockchain platform and journey one month before Gitex to showcase what can be done using blockchain. It is a complete journey utilizing blockchain with a fully functional mobile application. We are using this as an example to convince others that it is practical and take feedback to move forward with other similar implementations.”

The Blockchain Buy a Car journey was implemented on Ethereum Blockchain platform by Indian Attinad Software that devleops mobile applications utilizing blockchain. The customer journey starts at car dealers, goes on to bank loan, insurance, and then registration with government entity. This is all done on a mobile application utilizing UAE pass. Al Kendi emphasizes, “Customers no longer have to deal with the traditional hassle of non-integrated services, now they can complete an entire customer cycle in a secure and timely manner.”

As for the Blockchain governance model that will be implemented Al Kendi explains, “We are working to offer a blockchain as a service platform that will be orchestrated by several Abu Dhabi entities that have already started some form of blockchain platform, so we will connect their nodes to ours each using their own technology platform. In later stages private sector will act as nodes on the blockchain platform and this will show how the private and public sector can work together in digitization efforts.

This Article has been updated on October 17th with correction to company name of those who worked on Buy A car journey. Correct company is Attinad Software.

According to Al Kendi in the end customers will utilize mobile applications and digital services that have blockchain, artificial intelligence and IOT but will never feel they are using them. What they will notice is how fast convenient and secure these services are. While we are working on several projects that utilize blockchain we do not want to announce anything until they are up and running.

ADDA efforts are closely in line with the work being carried out by the UAE Blockchain Council.


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