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TerraHub Joins Forces with PwC Canada

TerraHub, a product company with a focus on private blockchain and artificial intelligence. formed a joint business relationship with PwC Canada to act as their blockchain delivery arm and assist in key enterprise customer engagements. The engagement starts with Western Canada’s leading industry, oil and gas.

The relationship has already initiated the delivery of a blockchain solution to a core group of PwC clients.

Dan Giurescu, CEO of TerraHub said of the relationship “This joint business relationship with PwC is extremely important for TerraHub. This provides us an important entry into a number of enterprise clients. We are excited to be working with PwC to help them lead their customers on their digital journey.”

“We worked closely with TerraHub and a select group of companies to identify key business processes that were ready to be reimagined and revamped through blockchain,” said Jason Bergeron, digital energy partner at PwC Canada. “The first product created through the partnership is a shared, trusted and permanent record of inter-company transactions. Data is immutable and can be traced, audited and recorded by all relevant parties. It drives efficiency and automation, which ultimately leads to cost reductions for our customers.”

PwC are stepping strong into the blockchain scene, as just last month they made headlines by beginning to accept Bitcoin payments in Luxembourg

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