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Crowdsale.Network and Coinsbit conduct CSNP Token Draw

Crowdsale.Network, a successful fundraising platform that helps digitize a working business or crowdfund a new one, is working with European well-known crypto exchange Coinsbit, to revitalize transaction activities within its existing 5000 token holders community in the coming days. The platforms will be conducting a draw of 500,000 CSNP tokens totalling for 250 thousand dollars while the main prize is a brand new Porsche Cayenne sports car to encourage new investors.

Successful crowdsales have already pulled in billions of dollars from a global network of contributors in 2018 alone. It is an advisable route to attain early-stage capital. Crowdsale campaigns may raise much-needed capital, but they can also be expensive and time-consuming. Crowdsale.Network has developed a simple and effective autonomous interaction system between start-ups, “investors” in the form of logical contracts and specialists, uniting the world experts interested in improving the blockchain industry through the selection of promising and viable projects.

The Crowdsale Network platform is developing the promising profession of a Startup Promoter. The last decades marketing trends such as B2C and B2B are replacing with the new concept – H2H. Business does not turn away from the B2C model (Business to Customer) as well as B2B model (Business to for Business), but creates something new, following the spirit of the times – H2H (Human to Human).

Becoming a Startup Promoter, you can create a trusting and long-term relationship between a startup and an investor that will bring constant long-term mutually beneficial investment cooperation.

To finance startups that will be part of the Crowdsale Network platform ecosystem, CSNP tokens will be allocated for a certain share of a startup. Thus, not all startups will release own tokens and will enhance the CSNP tokens, benefiting the entire ecosystem of the platform. To implement these plans, 50,000,000 CSNP tokens were issued on the ERC20 standard. With the growing popularity of CSNP tokens, it will be possible to purchase goods and services for CSNP on the online store, CSN Store. It will also give an opportunity to participate in the ICO / IEO prospective startups, trading on international exchanges with CSNP tokens. The Crowdsale Network platform plans to burn up to 50% of the CSNP tokens received for services rendered directly by the platform specialists, thus, will stimulate investor’s interest in CSNP tokens. As a result, 25,000,000 CSNP tokens will remain in circulation.


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