Securechain Launches Blockchain-Based Freelance Marketplace Finmail Work

Securechain ApS (“Securechain”), a blockchain company headquartered in Copenhagen, has launched Finmail Work, a platform committed to providing an open environment for people anywhere in the world to work and receive payment. 

Finmail is the first web and desktop add-on approved by Microsoft to allow users to send digital assets via e-mail, helping make cryptocurrency more accessible to the world at large. Finmail Work is the first platform for freelance workers to find an on-demand task, complete it, and get compensated in digital currency through Microsoft’s e-mail client – and at almost no cost. Finmail Work allows freelancers to work anywhere and get paid anytime.
The Finmail Work platform works in tandem with the Finmail Payment solution. The platform helps divide big projects into several small tasks, which are published on the platform. The payment, in digital currency, is kept in escrow within the Finmail Payment system. Freelancers accept tasks that fit their skills such as developing features or editing text. During the collaboration period, the task worker can communicate with the task owner via e-mail or Github and submit the completed project. Once the submitted solution is approved, the platform will send payment in digital currency via Outlook e-mail to the task taker.
Moreover, with the help of open- source platforms such as Github, a task owner can collaborate with a task worker efficiently, check on the task conditions, and track progress in the data repository. If the repository is public, as recommended, anyone can review the task in question and assess its results.
“The idea of Finmail Work comes from the broad reach that cloud services and open source concepts provide,” says Haimin Zhang, founder and director of Securechain. “A project owner can tap into a worldwide workforce. For their part, workers can find and submit to remote jobs tailored to their skillsets. It enables both labor force and project funding to be on-demand, flexible and borderless – just like cloud service.”
In addition to Bitcoin, the Finmail Payment solution has introduced a stablecoin, Tether (USDT). Microsoft recently approved the Finmail add-on for Outlook and Hotmail, which is based on both  USDT and Bitcoin, and is available through the Microsoft Office Store.
“With the support of Finmail Work, the Finmail Payment tool, and open-source platforms, people can collaborate efficiently at a low cost,” says Zhang. “The globalization of the labor force is a natural outgrowth from the globalization of funding. Our Finmail solutions can help all parties find, seek, and provide working opportunities and payment platforms across the world to support the increasingly mobile global economy.”

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