Moscow to develop Ethereum DLT system for the city

Moscow to develop Ethereum DLT system for the city

The Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT) recently revealed an auction to develop an Ethereum-based distributed ledger tech (DLT) system which can offer administrative electronic services to over 50.2 million residents living in the federal city of Russia. The cost of the project is $860,000 and aims at enhancing the transparency of the administrative services being offered to the city’s residents. Some of the services being offered include the provision of legal documents about real estate. The DLT-based project will be used for other important activities, for example, the sharing of retail spaces.

The Russian government is planning to host a platform that can instantaneously support and serve around 2 million customers, which will be a proof-of-authority. 

The selected contractor will also be required to integrate the novel platform with the present DLT mechanisms that are currently being experimented with by the City’s administration. The City government earlier (back in November 2017) revealed its interests of using blockchain-based technologies including smart contracts, according to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. In 2017, still, their government rolled out a major project based on blockchain tech dubbed Active Citizen, that enables city’s residents to show their fondness and favorites on public works projects, for instance, locations for fresh bike routes.  



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