Fun Ways To Use Bitcoin

 Bitcoin is doing a good job right now in increasing its value on the market over the last couple of months. As always, the best thing to do about Bitcoin is to make some smart investments from it. But if you have a couple of Bitcoins to spare, why not use them to have some fun after diversifying your investment portfolio? 

Who knows what would happen to Bitcoin a couple of years from now? This is why it’s probably best to utilize Bitcoin now as much as possible. That said, here are some fun ways and things you can use your Bitcoin with: 

1. Play Online Casino Games 

Do you love to go to the casino to have fun and play some games? Good news because there are now online casino games that accept Bitcoin, which gamblers will surely love. Since Bitcoin is anonymous, you don’t have to worry about regulators and tax collectors when you win. You can fully enjoy the excitement of a high-stakes betting game without anyone breathing down your neck. Another great thing about online Bitcoin casino games is that they are now more accessible and user-friendly. 

You can even earn Bitcoins yourself if you join a cryptocurrency dice game. There are many online casinos out there that allow you to play using your Bitcoins. Just make sure that the online casino you’re playing at accepts Bitcoins and has undergone a series of fair gaming testing from the appropriate regulatory board. 

2. Buy a Diamond or Gold Ring 

If you are looking to give your partner or special someone a diamond or gold ring, you can use your Bitcoin to do it. There are now jewelry shops that are also accepting Bitcoins as payment for purchases—not to mention that these jewelry shops will give you access to their large collection of jewelry, including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and many more. 

3. Buy Diamond or Gold 

If you’ve always wanted to own a loose diamond or gold ingot before, you can now make your dream come true if you have a couple of Bitcoins with you. Aside from letting you buy jewelry, jewelers willing to accept Bitcoin payments will also let you purchase diamonds or gold ingots from them. Some of them even provide armored transport if your purchase amounts to more than $25,000. You might be doing it just for fun, but you also get to diversify your investment portfolio at the same time. 

4. Buy a Maxed Out Gaming PC 

If you like to play video games, you probably own a rig for mining Bitcoins yourself. So, if you manage to mine a couple of Bitcoins on your own, you can use the digital currency to get you a new and much more powerful PC. The popular online retailer of computer components and other consumer electronics, Newegg, announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin payments. You can create a powerful PC from browsing the website, not to mention that you only need 1 Bitcoin to create a maxed out gaming PC with powerful specs complete with RGB and cooling accessories. 

5. Charter a Yacht 

If you want to enjoy some luxury, why not see the world in style and charter a yacht? There are now yacht charter companies that allow you to charter a yacht depending on how long you want your trip to be. You can even use the yacht to visit some famous tourist destinations such as the Caribbean, Greece, and Italy. Use this opportunity to have some fun and relaxation using your Bitcoins, and get a much-needed vacation. 

6. Go to Space! 

With just a couple of Bitcoins, you can now have your dream of going to space come true. There is now spaceflight company called Virgin Galactic that accepts Bitcoin payments for their space flights. There are lots of people who are making their reservations ever since the company launched their suborbital spaceplane successfully. So, go make a reservation right now before it’s too late! 

7. Cruise around the World 

Bitcoin is not just for investors; it’s also for those who want to enjoy an active and luxurious lifestyle. If that is what you’re looking for, Bitcoin can afford you a luxurious cruise around the world. Since Bitcoin has a high value today (1 Bitcoin = $10,058.70 as of this writing), you can go on a tour around the world with just a couple of Bitcoins. 

Cruise and flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other bookings can now be purchased using Bitcoins. This allows for easier access and a more VIP experience. Check out some online travel agencies that accept Bitcoin payments to secure your booking.

 8. Buy an Apartment 

Need a new apartment? Why not use your Bitcoins to get a new and luxurious apartment for yourself? There are now property developers who also accept Bitcoin as payment for their apartments. You are even free to choose what type of apartment you want, whether it’s a studio, or a two-bedroom unit—as long as you have the Bitcoin to pay for it.

 9. Make Donations or Support Some Charities 

Believe it or not, it is actually easier to make donations or support your chosen charities using Bitcoin. Because you don’t have to go to banks to transfer the money, you can save more on transaction fees and ensure that your money goes directly to your chosen organization. Moreover, because of Bitcoin’s pseudonymous nature, you don’t have to disclose any personal information when you’re donating. Wikipedia, Red Cross, and Greenpeace are just some of the non-profit organizations that are accepting Bitcoin donations.


We hope that you enjoyed reading some of the fun ways to use your Bitcoins. Bitcoin is especially relevant now that its value is starting to recover again. Whatever your reasons for obtaining them, utilize and enjoy them as much as possible while this cryptocurrency still has a high value. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your Bitcoins, especially if you have plenty of them. Who knows you—might even be able to discover a new way of using them. Take advantage of them and have fun with them.

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