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SEED Group UAE signs agreement with Blockchain companies Blocko and Aergo

SEED Group in UAE  has entered into a strategic partnership with the AERGO Foundation and Blocko Inc., a leading enterprise blockchain platform provider to provide local government and large companies with secure, scalable and high-performance solutions built around blockchain. UAE Vision 2021 directly aims to achieve social and economic development across the region and requires a shift to a diversified and knowledge-based economy. The agreement aims to address the most demanding and complex problems for organizations that aim to become part of this advanced digital ecosystem centered in Dubai but extending beyond the Middle East.

 Following five years of successful large scale industrial in-production deployments with some of the largest companies in the world and with over 25million active user in firms such as Samsung and Hyundai, the AERGO Foundation and its strategic partner Blocko are bringing their technology platform, IT integration and execution know-how to Dubai. The prime objective is to help make the digitization programs of UAE Vision 2021 and Saudi Vision 2030 a reality. Many blockchain technologies today are either still in the proof-of-concept phase, are too complex to use, or do not have the capabilities to provide the performance and scale needed to secure millions of devices and users. An architecture is needed that can support multi-level business ecosystems and all-digital supply chains. AERGO, perhaps the world’s leading open-source hybrid blockchain platform, aims to address these needs by working with SEED Group.

 “As the UAE and Middle East region start to build more advanced blockchain solutions for government services and our digital economies, we constantly get asked to identify innovative companies that can operate at the highest levels of security and scale. We are thrilled to be partnering with both the AERGO Foundation and Blocko. They have proven they can deliver and will now help the region to make its digital promise a reality for its citizens and businesses” said Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of SEED Group. 

Won-Beom Kim, CEO and founder of Blocko that is backed by Samsung Ventures, said “it is both an honour and huge responsibility to be trusted and empowered through our partnership with SEED to take initiatives such as Smart Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation to the next level of realization. Our advanced blockchain R&D team are ready for the challenge and we will immediately deploy a specialist team in Dubai to make this happen. Furthermore and through our academic research partners, some of the most advanced identity solutions, blockchain consensus algorithms, and energy-efficient cryptography will be made available to organizations that need to move beyond proof of concept experimentation to large scale highly secure deployments”. 

“Proven technologies, developer-friendly capabilities, an open architecture – and a willingness to provide knowledge transfer by working with local partners – are core principles of the AERGO Foundation. As blockchain usage grows, solutions will be required to address very complex needs such as quantum-resistant and low energy blockchains. Securing digital assets, citizen identities and billions of IoT devices with distributed ledger technologies will also be needed. AERGO Foundation and its partners will bring these bleeding-edge innovations to The UAE via our exciting collaboration with the SEED Group” said Phil Zamani, CEO and founder of AERGO.


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