MENA Based AZ Fundchain application launches Beta version

AZ Fudchain, social funding platform built on the blockchain has launched its BETA version of its application. According to the post, the AZ Fundchain App aims to help users save money using the blockchain for the enhancement of financial inclusion. AZFundchain had previosly announced its IEO on Stex exchange.

AZ Fundchain is an accessible, transparent and reliable money circle and crowdfunding application developed on the Ethereum blockchain. AZ Fundchain app aims to provide banking and saving services along with friends, families and community.

According to Mohamed Asif co-founder of AZFundchain, “We are excited this has been one of our major milestones and with strong efforts from our team we have been able to complete the app. This is the first of its kind, as it is a mobile app to run interest free MoneyCircles (Rosca funding).”

Asif adds, “The whole concept of blockchain in a way has been to make everything more transparent and give more control to the user. We believe this should be the case in everything were it can be successfully implemented. Financial inclusion for the users was the focus we had in our mind when we build Fundchain.”

He explains further, “AZ FundChain project is the direct result of a real life problem I encountered during my business career. The main source of inspiration for the project was surely giving a solid financial tool for everyone to use regardless of the complexity of the technology. Financial inclusion utilizing blockchain is the main vision behind our project. I’m happy to say that we are way above our expectations and we look forward to carry it even further.” 

Users can download the app through website or via mobile on google play.  website

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