Dubai Based Tratok Blockchain token to change Tourism sector in UAE

Tratok, a Dubai-based blockchain-powered token has announced it will be launching its service in August in UAE. Tratok seeks to give the tourism sector a competitiveness overhaul by increasing profitability and cutting costs. With the elimination of fraud, huge commissions and transaction costs, Tratok seeks to build an ecosystem that can give service providers up to 30% more revenue and 180 days faster cash flow turnover, and allow them to take back control of their inventory. Consumers will also gain from lower costs, transparent pricing, verified reviews and a truly global rewards program.

According to press release, Tratok uses blockchain technology to create a new travel and tourism ecosystem eliminating dozens of problems which plague the tourism sector. While other cryptocurrency contemporaries raised millions of dollars in public funding via coin offerings but have delivered little else to date, Tratok is a token that addresses real issues and challenges in the USD8.3 trillion tourism sector. This privately funded disruptor, led by a team of world-renowned professionals and specialists, stands seven months ahead of its own development schedule. By launching in Dubai, Tratok will take inspiration from the Emirate’s leadership to create the ideal smart city.

Tratok has access to liquidity markets in excess of USD $300 million daily. Strong support, real-world application and measurable progress have propelled TRAT’s price 728% since November 2018, despite the cryptocurrency market volatility. 

“The public is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of blockchain technology,” commented Mohammed Altajir, Tratok’s Custodian. “In an industry with ever-increasing competition and tighter margins, service providers are willing to embrace a solution that boosts revenue while exposing them to the new generation of tourists with no commitment and minimal risk. It is the future.”

Tratok will be launching on August 18th  with  hospitality providers in the United Arab Emirates. Consumers will benefit from a selection of five-star hotels going live. 

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