Kickico crowdfunding platform launches own ecosystem

KICKICO, one of the largest crypto crowdfunding platforms is launching  its own ecosystem. Named KICK Ecosystem, it will serve as a one-stop solution for the crypto community, based on two fundamental functionalities, fundraising and an exchange ecosystem. It aims to make cryptocurrency fundraising fair and trading clear, transparent and comprehensive for the public and securities regulators in various countries. The ecosystem will introduce an innovative auction-based AIO fundraising model, the next step up from ICOs and IEOs. There will also be an STO token sale option along with the new KICKEX exchange starting in the third quarter of 2019, with more services to come.    

KICKICO became a success in 2017 when crowdfunding expert Anti Danilevski implemented a new way of fundraising to successfully assist over 35 startups to raise a total of 800.000 ETH, with the support of more than 70,000 investors. Anticipating the challenges in the ICO market going forward, Danilevski and his team started to build KICK ECOSYSTEM in the middle of 2018. This new ecosystem includes a cryptocurrency exchange solution (KICKEX), which is the first product line to be launched in the third quarter of this year with some of the lowest trading fees and one of the most profitable affiliate programs.

KICKEX will be followed by a white label token sale solution (KICKDESK), a unified login system (KICKID), a multi-currency wallet (KICKWALLET), a crypto payment gateway (KICKPAY), ad network integration (KICKCPA), a multi-level referral network (KICKREF), a comprehensible app (KICKMOBILE), and a fully revamped KICKICO platform, made from scratch, with an innovate auction-based fundraising model.

The fuel running this entire ecosystem is the KickCoin token which will be enhanced to serve the new use cases in the ever-growing KICKONOMY. It also includes the KEX token which operates on the KICKEX exchange.

“The goal is to revitalize the way tokens and coins are offered, purchased, and sold for startups and token buyers. It will address and solve many of today’s fundraising challenges. We are looking for solid startup project ideas, and want to provide them with a secure, comfortable space, not just for them, but for the crypto investors out there, too,” explained CEO, Anti Danilevski.

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