Eco Smart Energies starts pre-ICO for RENBDO

Eco Smart Energies Ltd ( is pleased to reveal that the company is now ready to start the pre-ICO campaign for their upcoming project RENBDO or Renewable Energy Network Based on Decentralized Organization. The goal of this campaign is to secure funds for the installation of as many as fifty-two wind turbines for the production of green energy. This pre-ICO is an excellent opportunity for the crypto-investors to purchase the project’s proprietary Renewable Energy Token (RET) for a 50% reduced price, which will be available for the first 10% of the tokens. Once ten million tokens are sold, the pre-ICO phase will end and the ICO campaign will start.

Excessive burning of fossil fuels has been one of the leading environmental challenges for many years. This human activity emits a number of air pollutants that are harmful to both the environment and public health. However, the use of coal is still prevalent in conventional power sectors. One of the most recommended alternatives to replace fossil fuels in the use of wind energy. With a wealth of experience in production and distribution of electricity, Eco Smart Energies Ltd has conceived the RENBDO project with the aim to set up a wind farm comprising of fifty-two turbines.  Interestingly, 70% of the required funding for this initiative has already been covered by the European Union irredeemable funds for green energy and the remaining 30% will be covered by the upcoming ICO.

Through the pre-ICO campaign, Eco Smart Energies will introduce their Renewable Energy Token (RET) to the market with the objective of creating an ecosystem where the investors will receive return on their investments based on the amount of tokens owned by them. Ownership of one RET is equivalent to owning one asset in Eco Smart Energies. 90% of the total profits will be distributed amongst the token holders while the remaining 10% will be spent for maintenance purposes and for the employees.

Eco Smart Energies will soon release an application that will allow the token owners to view the wind power produced as well as send or receive tokens. The token holders can also actively participate in issues that are related to the future of the wind farm. Finally, by eliminating middlemen, RENBDO minimizes the probability of fraudulent transactions and activities. 


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