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CoinAll crypto exchange launches Temtum public blockchain

CoinAll, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world, launched temtum (TEM), a next-generation public blockchain project. CoinAll will launch a scaling trading contest. Besides, users who successfully invite new users to join the contest can participate in a lottery to share 80% of the transaction fee income. Project temtum is regarded as a new-generation payment technology. Operating on its own innovative and patented blockchain technology called Temporal, the temtum network surpasses market-leading financial products by providing a highly efficient cryptocurrency with quantum-secure network and low transaction fees.

“Project temtum is highly innovative with great potential, which entirely fits the standard for CoinAll. We are dedicated to discovering high-quality projects with reasonable prices and strong potential. This is what differentiate us from other exchanges. Many projects, which were first listed on CoinAll, have successfully launched on other top exchanges. We are very confident in temtum and our partnership,” said Katherine Deng, the GM of CoinAll.

The TEM scaling trade contest is set to last from July to 19 to 26. Users who have passed KYC2 verification can enter the contest. At the start of the contest, all users will have a 50,000 TEM buying limit and are able to increase the limit by inviting new users. The top 10 users with the highest buying volume and their invitee users will be rewarded with the bonus.

The total reward for the inviter: 2% of their own TEM buying volume + 0.1% of Tier-1 users’ TEM buying volume + 0.04% of Tier-2 users’ TEM buying volume. For Tier 1 and Tier 2 users, they will receive 0.5% or 0.2% of their own TEM buying volume.

Founded in 2014, temtum is one of the most innovative public blockchain projects now. With its quantum-secure network, temtum has been proven to deliver up to 3,000 TPS, with the capacity for theoretically unlimited TPS.


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