Zilliqa launches Scilla smart contracts built on sharding

Zilliqa recently announced on medium the launch of smart contracts on the Zilliqa platform. According to President and Chief Sicentific Officer Amrit Kumar, “  I am delighted and honored to announce the launch of smart contracts on the Zilliqa platform. This signals a major step forward not just for Zilliqa, but for the blockchain infrastructure industry as a whole.” 

This launch enables developers to write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain using safe-by-design smart contract language Scilla. With sharding as the backbone, and talented engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries on the frontlines, the vision of a better, easy-to-use and safe smart contract language has come to life. 


Zilliqa’s mainnet was launched just six months ago. The smart contract functionality today allows amenable to formal verification, static analysers suite, clean separation and safe standard libraries. Kumar adds, “Smart contracts will help us further our footprint across a range of sectors — whether it is financial services, media and advertising, or gaming and entertainment. I eagerly look forward to witnessing how this technology unfolds, disrupts and evolves, and how we are able to build on it.”

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