Marlin Protocol announces strategic partnership with Blockcloud

Marlin a high-performance network infrastructure for modern decentralized networks,  has entered into a strategic partnership with Blockcloud (BLOC). The partnership is built out of a shared vision of a decentralized future with better connectivity. Marlin provides enterprise-grade network infrastructure to the decentralized ecosystem while Blockcloud’s service-centric networking approach fills an important gap in the TCP/IP stack required for access to Internet data in mobile environments. The complementary initiatives lead to several collaboration opportunities in the technical, marketing and business development front.

Blockcloud recently completed a very successful IEO as the first blockchain project to be launched on OK Jumpstart. Blockcloud’s CEO Dr Ming stated, “ Blockcloud and Marlin both focus on the research and development of Internet infrastructure which has a bright future. Through this cooperation in technology, community and resource integration, we can promote the blockchain ecosystem, building and bringing a better surfing experience for global users.”

Marlin’s CEO Siddhartha added, “Blockcloud’s novel CoDAG based consensus algorithm is ripe to leverage network layer scaling provided by the Marlin Protocol. Now, not only will consumers and producers be able to discover, buy and sell data on the Blockcloud marketplace, but will also be able to do so without any performance hits in receiving critical data from smart devices compared to centralized services, thanks to Blockcloud consensus algorithm’s fast processing and Marlin’s low latency relay.

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