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ICOPlatform launches ICrowd STO platform

ICOPlatform launches iCrowd for investors and companies. Through iCrowd, a Blockchain based STO platform, ICOPlatform will strive to become a leading platform for STOs and tokenization, mainly focused on Singapore, South Korea and other Asian countries. If 2017 was the year of ICOs and Utility Tokens, 2018 will be remembered as the beginning of STOs and Security Tokens. Some countries such as the US have already successfully begun tokenizing real assets and conducting STOs. However, due to strict regulations, it still remains as a challenge to issue Security Tokens or tokenize real assets in most countries.

“The current blockchain platforms are pursuing openness and anonymity, which makes it difficult to structurally support STOs. The iCrowd Platform is designed to enforce regulatory compliance on the technical level of blockchain and prevent problems such as loss of assets caused by misplacement of keys. Also, it will eliminate regulatory gaps between countries and enable transactions,” said Jung-Han Kim, technical director of ICOPlatform’s solution development. “The iCrowd Platform will function as a stepping stone for STOs in many countries and provide platform services for companies and give investment opportunities to small and big investors”.

Along with the launch of iCrowd, ICOPlatform came out with White Paper version 2.1, releasing several new platform services for both companies and investors.  Icrowd platform will offer the following core services that include identity chip, protocol, ICS Wallet, native Icrowd tokens, validation layer,token registry etc..

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