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BOLT Entertainment announces Listing of Bolt Token on BinanceChain

BOLT, the mobile focused video content ecosystem curated blend of live TV channels and video playlists for different moments, genres and moods.  

The BOLT Wallet allows users to store the BOLT Token, and mobile data redemption packages.Together, both applications aim to empower half of the world’s population, the underbanked and unbanked, known as those with limited access to formal banking structures and data accessibility. By giving them unprecedented access to the information highway, which includes internet connectivity, information, and entertainment, the applications will also allow content creators and users to be rewarded for their time and quality of content submitted on BOLT. 

The company also announced its strategic partnerships with Bitmax,aninnovative digital asset trading platform, and the Binance Chain, the world’s largest major cryptocurrency exchange. The BOLT Token, which is currently listed on and Switcheo Exchange, will be migrating from the Ethereum protocol to the Binance Chain in the coming weeks. The BOLT Token will be the first asset on the Binance Chain to be traded on 

BOLT utilizes a breakthrough model in the digital streaming and blockchain ecosystem, which will allow for real world applicability of the blockchain to be used by everyone, everywhere at any time. The BOLT Token, which can be accumulated and traded, will be used heavily within the BOLT ecosystem by users to access premium content, starting with its suite of entertainment, sports and educational content. It can also be used to reward content creators, or to trade for mobile data plans by supported telco networks. The BOLT Wallet will allow users to manage their BOLT tokens alongside other tokens compatible with the ecosystem such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Bitmax Token (BTMX). 

Speaking about the launch of the BOLT Token and BOLT+, Jamal Hassim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “With the BOLT Token, we are offering our users the first real world application of the blockchain within a simple and elegant user experience. We want to include users not only with credit or debit cards, but those without – the unbanked and underbanked – onto the platform. Often, these users are charged a premium by their telco companies and content companies to access premium content, and we wanted to help reduce this and broaden accessibility. By utilising the blockchain, we can directly connect the consumers to the content and the content to the producers, without additional transaction costs involved.” 

Christel Quek, the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of BOLT, added: “No other project has managed to offer a scalable large-scale mass application of the Blockchain for users. Consumer applications are needed for the blockchain to be adopted by the masses. The blockchain community must move from decentralised tribe in motive to an inspired movement of vision that will allow the Blockchain to become part of the everyday vernacular.”

Ariel Ling, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at commented on the strategic partnership between BOLT and Bitmax saying: The vision and development of BOLT exemplifies how blockchain technology optimizes and transforms current mature industries, such as social media and entertainment, by providing real benefits to real users, especially in the underserved markets. It has been great journey partnering with Jamal, Christel and their team to list the Bolt Token on and support the expansion of the BOLT ecosystem with a scalable and efficient token trading market.”

 In addition HiSense is partnering with BOLT to bring access to premium video content to millions of consumers in Africa and beyond. A major Chinese multinational appliance and electronics manufacturer, which includes subsidiary brands Sharp and Toshiba, HiSense products are available globally in over 130 countries and regions, with production facilities in China, South Africa, Czech Republic and Mexico, as well as sales offices across North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, and South-eastern Asia.

 Speaking about the partnership with BOLT and how HiSense is supporting BOLT’s mission to empower citizens to access the information highway, Jerry Liu, CEO of Hisense for Africa and Emerging Markets said: “We see the partnership with BOLT as being strategic and valuable in building and keeping the loyalty of millions of users and consumers. The bonding of content, a payment system and hardware is a powerful proposition in providing a compelling experience for consumers around the world. Hisense has a global ambition to go faster and further into new territories and exciting content experiences for our customers. As the number one electronics manufacturer in South Africa with a market share more than 20%, we are proud to work closely with BOLT to bring great content to over 6M devices in South Africa. We will also be looking to expand and scale our efforts to more markets across Africa from 2019-2020.”

BOLT’s innovative platform provides access to live content (Terrestrial TV and sports) and trending video highlights (under 5 minutes per clip) around the world. Given its unique access to untapped markets, BOLT has secured licensing agreements with a range of leading media content providers including CNN, Al Jazeera, ViKi Rakuten, Reuters, AFP, amongst many others. BOLT has also secured the digital clip coverage rights for the ICC World Cup 2019 in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. BOLT provides an innovative and quick turnaround 3D international football league and cup competitions highlights, as well as test and league cricket highlights.


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