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Atlas Protocol launches Atlas Coin

Founded in 2018, Atlas Protocol has secured multi-million investments by Softbank China Venture Capital, Baidu Ventures, Fenbushi and DHVC. This week Atlas Protocol has officially launched a brand-new blockchain interactive marketing product  called”Atlas Coin++”. Atlas Coin++ is a product that helps blockchain projects measure the authenticity and validity of social traffic. The platform achieves this goal with the help of “group flash swap” model to better reach token value consensus. By participating in campaigns on Atlas Coin++, users can swap coins and get stair-step incentives with a single click of a button.         

Since 2018, Atlas Protocol launched Atlas Interactive, which aims to build technical infrastructure that will boost the blockchain ecosystem and construct a new paradigm of interactive marketing. Atlas Protocol has served hundreds of customers including crypto exchanges, digital wallets, public chains and others. Its platform, Atlas Interactive, offers new ways of on-chain marketing interactions through various solutions:

Duran Liu, co-founder of Atlas Protocol (ATP), explained that, “Currently, the industry traffic resources are highly concentrated in several top centralized exchanges. It appears a tendency of solidification and needs a new model. Based on Atlas Interactive, Atlas Coin++ can help blockchain projects to bring social traffic, lower user threshold and improve the ROI.”

Chang Li, founder of Oneboat Capital, thinks that Atlas Coin++ is a new exploration attempt based on in-depth understanding of the pain points in the industry. Despite the difficulties, it is possible to influence or even change the traditional exchange model in the near future.

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