Kalibrate Blockchain launches its Crowdfunding platform

Kalibrate Blockchain, a healthcare information platform developer, launched a Title III Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine. Regulation Crowdfunding allows anyone, regardless of net worth or income level, to invest in securities issued by startup companies.              

The Florida-based startup is developing FormDrop, a mobile app that enables patients use their smartphones to electronically fill out and deliver any paper form by taking a simple snapshot of each form on the clipboard. The company is developing FormDrop as its minimum viable product.

“Today, people can deposit checks or get real-time traffic directions with their smartphones,” said Calvin Wiese, president of Kalibrate Blockchain. “Yet when they visit their doctor, they’re still handed a pen and a stack of medical forms and required, nine times of out ten, to fill out the same information over and over again.”

FormDrop is being designed as a gateway for patients to index their personal health information—including biometrics and patient ID’s from numerous healthcare providers—on a commonly-curated, blockchain-based Universal Patient Index. According to Wiese, the company is creating the index to be accessible by patients and providers without hindrance by information system or political boundaries.

“This is an opportunity to participate in profound developments with potential to transform the way health information is indexed, accessed, and exchanged,” Wiese said. “We intend to develop a platform that helps healthcare providers make better decisions and provide patients with the best possible care.”

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