Accenture Patents Blockchain interoperability solutions

Global consulting company Accenture has made strides when it comes to blockchain interoperability one of the most discussed issues with blockchain today. According the UAE Patent and Trademark office Accenture has panteted two solutions for Blockchain interoperability in April. 

The first patentfiled August 2018, patents a method for cryptologic blockchain interoperability. As described in the technical section of the patent, participants can share the token data stored on a distributed ledger (DLT) network by using a digital signature within the solution. The document also mentions the ability to send a multi-signature certification message to a recipient who solicits information. According to the patent, the receiver can then verify the digital signatures via public keys.

The second patent, originally filed in September 2018, describes an interoperability smart contract solution that uses a pre-commit authorization. According to the patent, the sender is able to lock the token data on the blockchain while waiting for confirmation from the receiver.

previously Accenture had filed another blockchain-related patent last summer aiming to upgrade its logistics network. According to documentation on the USPTO website, the company wants to secure, speed up and increase the efficiency of logistics movements by using blockchain technology.


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