South Africa MOBU to build STO Exchange in Africa

South Africa MOBU to build STO Exchange in Africa

MOBU has launched its public Token offering. MOBU based in South Africa is building the complete infrastructure for the next generation of assets, and is looking to transform the landscape of the securities industry by leveraging DLT technology. 

The founders of MOBU are working to offer a digital security issuance platform, digital asset exchange and digital cost effective banking solution for everyday investors. Based in South Africa the team at MOBU believes that Africa is the most logical place to start operation with the Smart Investment Bank. MOBU looks to become the trusted source of deal flow to Africa and the secure secondary market for global investors using blockchain for corporate efficiency, ability to identify fraud, enhancing resilience to cyber threats, cutting costs, increasing transparency, streamlining processes and increasing automation. 

Utilizing Blockchain as a technology, MOBU can bring in an entire new market from cryptocurrency through Security toke offerings on its platform. According to MOBU’s whitepaper if 1000 ICOs launch their tokens on the MOBU platform with an average amount raised of only US $3m, there will be an inflow of US $3Bn to the platform and subsequently increase the demand and price of the MOBU token dramatically. 

According to MOBU the global market size for security exchange is around $80 trillion and Africa is a ripe market with over 1.3 billion people, 950 million phone subscribers, and where countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa have highest amount of Bitcoin holders per capita. As such there are endless opportunities in Africa, but African entrepreneurs tend to lack access to capital. MOBU is on the forefront to become the perfect channel for this deal flow, secondary market.  MOBU is the full infrastructure solution provider for digital securities which includes Smart Securities Issuance platform, exchange and digital banking solution for investors. 

 MOBU built on Ethereum ERC20 platform is now issuing its private and public ITO (Initial Token Offering) the MOBU token. MOBU token as a utility token will be the underlying economic unit and driving force behind the MOBU ecosystem and marketplace. The maximum supply of 150 million tokens will be available including an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of 20-35m tokens, keeping 20 tokens as reserve for MOBU Cash referral rewards to boost growth. MOBU is looking to raise a hard cap of $9.5 million according to their whitepaper.


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