Human Plus unveils human centric payment solution in UAE

Human Plus, a South Korean startup specializing in crypto payment platform participated in the “Future Blockchain Summit 2019”, hosted by Smart Dubai held on April 2ndd and 3rd in Dubai UAE.

Human Plus proudly unveiled its human-centric payment solution with efficient cryptocurrency utilization ecosystem called “HUPAYX” that aims to transform traditional payment infrastructure with all-in-one blockchain based cryptocurrency payment platform. As Dubai’s government aims to transform the city to the blockchain capital of the Middle East, HUPAYX aims to become its main cryptocurrency-based payment solution partner.

Human Plus is already making waves in South Korea by forming strategic partnerships called “Alliance Group” and attracting top talent to enable nationwide adoption of cryptocurrencies and government-based regional currencies that would serve as a means of payment at any store or business location. “Traditional payment infrastructure is not suitable to utilize cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives nor does it help us to eradicate existing cash ecosystem as a whole” stated Aibek Amandanov, Head of Global Marketing Team at Human Plus.

Compared to Visa and Mastercard, two major card processing firms duopolizing the industry, HUPAYX is significantly cheaper with just 0.5% processing fee per transaction for merchants of any size.


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