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Ziyen Inc. Announces the Launch of ZiyenCoin oil and energy STO

Ziyen Inc. has launched ZiyenCoin, the first Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO). ZiyenCoin will be the first energy focused digital energy currency filed under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation 506c Security Token Offering and will create a fully trackable and unencumbered worldwide movement of digital currency in conjunction with blockchain supply chain management and blockchain verified contracting. This revolutionary concept will have the ability to drive down costs currently experienced by the oil and gas industry and production by removing market uncertainties and finances charges at every step of the way.

A recent article by Forbes Magazine states that while blockchain burst onto the scene five years ago as a transactional platform for cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), industries such as healthcare, banking and insurance are showing signs of adopting a decentralized ledger which would remove transactional fees and essentially save tens of billions of dollars for each respective industry.

Alastair Caithness, ZiyenCoin Co-founder and Ziyen Inc. CEO said, “Major global industries are adopting blockchain technology and our goal at ZiyenCoin is to apply the same principles that banking giants such as JP Morgan & Chase, who recently launched JPMCoin and are now implementing to another key global industry, but we are focused on the oil and energy business.

ZiyenCoin is the First Energy Security Token Offering (STO) under SEC Regulation. D, 506(c) and will only be available to accredited investors through it’s opening round of funding”

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