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Republic investment platform issues own digital token

Republic, a regulated investment platform backed by AngelList, Binance, and East Chain Co., has issued its own digital token, the Note. Accessible even to those without a digital wallet, the Republic Note rewards users, investors, and partners for activities taken on the platform. 

Notes are earned through specific actions and provide users with a range of perks, such as early access to coveted investment opportunities, invitations to exclusive events, and free Republic merchandise. Republic aims to eventually link the Note to Republic’s equity interest in every company successfully raised on Republic – past, present, and future – allowing holders to have a stake in the upside potential of its entire portfolio on an evergreen basis.*

Its token is part of Republic’s effort to drive the adoption of blockchain technology among the general public by wrapping a token economy around a traditional asset or business model, such as its own.  “The degree of fractionalization and automation enabled by blockchain technology will one day allow everyone to buy in and share the growth and success of private businesses, from tech startups to movies to soccer leagues,” comments Leo Galley, co-founder and co-head of Republic’s tokenization project. Startup investing is transforming from siloed pools of capital into an interconnected, international ecosystem, with transactions small enough for anyone, anywhere to participate. In this new environment, Republic’s core tenets of compliance, collaboration, access and inclusion are particularly resonant. 

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