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3iQ chooses KoreConx for digital securities offering

KoreConX announced recently that 3iQ Corp. (3iQ), Canada’s first regulated multi cryptoasset portfolio manager, has chosen the KoreProtocol for their Digital Securities Offering. Founded in 2012, the company is the first Canadian investment fund manager to fully comply with the terms and conditions with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities to manage a multi-crypto asset investment fund, offering exposure to accredited investors for the first time. 

3iQ focuses on educating individuals in disruptive technologies and the crypto asset space and providing innovative investments of institutional quality. “Moving to Digital Securities is a very important decision in the history of our company, and we need a protocol that is secure and robust, while never compromising compliance,” said Howard Atkinson, Chairman of 3iQ. “We believe KoreConX is not only the right choice when it comes to the Digital Securities Protocol, but also when it comes to management after issuance.”  According to Fred Pye, President & CEO of 3iQ, “through our Exempt Market Dealer we will be able to offer these securities to Accredited Investors.” 

In the KoreConX all-in-one platform, companies can not only initiate their Digital Security Offering process, but they can also find a series of solutions tailored to their business needs, including the pre, during and post phases of capital raise. From the Due Diligence and the documentation gathering to Investor Relations with the shareholders, users can find the tools they need to grow their business.  

Companies with a growing number of shareholders can also utilize CapTable Management solutions without compromising the safety of their most sensitive information. “We created the platform with the business’ owners in mind. We created it for the dynamic entrepreneur who needs efficiency and agility when managing their companies so they can focus on perfecting their business,” said Oscar Jofre, Co-Founder and CEO of KoreConX. “We are very honored that an Investment Fund Manager of the magnitude of 3iQ chose our solutions to be the technology behind their Digital Securities Offering and their company.”

The 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund is an institutional quality portfolio that offers institutions and accredited investors core exposure to bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. The fund also provides access to leading external active managers in the digital asset space. The fund is established as a mutual fund trust and its main investment objectives are to provide unit holders core exposure to a portfolio of cryptoassets which have low correlation to some traditional asset classes. The fund introduces accredited investors to the realm of cryptoassets by providing a model for a secure and tax-efficient investment vehicle managed by a highly experienced team of registered investment professionals. The mechanics of the fund are straightforward: initially invest in a portfolio of bitcoin, ether, and litecoin while subsequently holding the cryptoassets in a leading regulated custodian for long-term price exposure.

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