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Ikioo issues Security Token Offering for Seed Investment


ikioo Technologies. Inc., a California corporation, has converted its $41.15 million Seed Round into digital equity securities through a Security Token Offering (STO).  The Seed Round which was ongoing since 2016 included the transfer of patented intellectual property.

The ikioor digital health platform provides a robust and open AI platform for healthcare providers and users to revolutionize low-level disease care and health management. ikioor AI Hub enables healthcare providers to develop in five easy steps their own proprietary AI algorithms to be published worldwide on the ikioo App, leveraging their years of medical expertise and knowledge to quickly and efficiently triage and automate management of low-level chronic disease care.

ikioo Technologies, Inc. has adopted a digital securities capital structure through the issuance of ikiooTech security tokens. These digital ikiooTech tokens are programmable equity securities issued and reconciled on the corporate ikioo blockchain ledger. ikiooTech issuance follows the guidelines of InPortal’s INPR protocol and have been placed into the ikioo multi-functional shareholder’s digital wallet. The ikiooTech tokens reside within the ikioo ecosystem and can be traded on any token exchange once the mandatory holding period is completed.

On September 28, 2018, the Governor of California signed Senate Bill SB-838 into law. The new law allows California’sprivately held corporations to add to their articles of incorporation authorization to use blockchain for recording and tracking the issuance and transfer of stock certificates, the names of a corporation’s stockholders of record, and the address and number of shares registered in the name of each stockholder.

“The core premise of blockchain digital securities, is to disintermediate transactions from brokerage fees, listing fees and bring back control to innovators and the hardworking people who are actually doing the work, subsequently maximizing ROI and capitalize on meaningful growth.  Healthcare in general, and as a commodity, is rife with intermediaries. Our vision is to ameliorate unfavorable market forces that negatively influence the growth potential of young start-up companies like ours. By creating our own ikioo corporate market place that is globally accessible and fully transparent we can confidently foster trust and immutability that is currently provided by generic exchanges.  Our focus is on creating a global decentralized medical AI technology company, by adopting a digital security capital structure which is in keeping with our overall vision of promoting a global healthcare ledger-based ecosystem.ikiooTechs will provide our shareholders with transparency on share pricing through real time information dissemination,  and facilitate a broader use of blockchain technologies for many other applications for ikioo in conjunction with AI and other healthcare technologies.” Dr. Ayman Salem, CEO and Founder, ikioo Technologies Inc.


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