releases stablecoin, a Japanese company has announced the release of a new Stablecoin based on ERC-20 standard. The stable coin is pegged to a collateral portfolio that is equivalent to one US Dollar. Starting from April 19th 2019 USDDEX will be traded on more than 20 exchanges both centralized and decentralized.

The company has also signed more than 800 trading partners and as they state on their website their products can be used by exchanges, crypto traders, ecommerce solution providers and financial service providers.

CEO Hitoshi Shibata is a tech veteran. He held the position of Chief Information Officer at Mizuho Financial group and believes decentralized stable coins are the next big breakthrough in crypto industry.

The company received funds at the end of 2018 and is now selling a limited number of USDDEx stablecoins starting from today.

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