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Spacechain signs MOU with Open Cosmos

Spacechain signs MOU with Open Cosmos


Spacechain has announced its partnership with Open Cosmos, a microsatellite platform designed to manage the entire process of bringing satellite services to businesses. Open Cosmos’ vision is a world empowered by actionable information from space. It aims to make space accessible to anyone, to solve the world’s biggest challenges. With this new MoU, SpaceChain and Open Cosmos agree to work together towards establishing a global satellite-based blockchain service.

Open Cosmos assists satellite projects in the end-to-end strategic planning of space missions. They help projects to develop, assemble and test their satellite, as well as handle all administrative matters related to the satellite launch and deployment. They also manage all mission operations thereafter, including collection, processing and analysis of data.

According to SpaceChain announcement the partnership will provide a valuable sales and service provider for all aspects of microsatellite deployment. In return, SpaceChain offers enterprise blockchain solutions for Open Cosmos’ client payloads. Open Cosmos will provide its full end-to-end space mission services, using its standard beeSat satellite platform to host the SpaceChain nodes.

Open Cosmos’ partnerships include the ESA, UK Space Agency, and Innovate UK. SpaceChain and Open Cosmos are both members of Satellite Applications Catapult and together we aim to usher in the new space economy.

Source: Spacechain website

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