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Token Agency Launches Operations for STO market

Token.Agency has launched its business. Token.Agency is a full service  blockchain consulting firm  that deals in Security Token Offerings (STOs),  Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and blockchain services. They specialize in token design, project launches and marketing services for both established and early-stage businesses.

The team at Token.Agency is an experienced one that has collecitvely worked on more than 90 ICOs, STOs and blockchain projects. Token.Agency has also worked extensively with blockchain clients, such as Bancor, American Zoetrope’s, Bollywood’s MinersInc project, and dozens more. Other previous marketing clients include Uber, Netflix, Unilever, Daimler Chrysler, Car2GO, Nintendo, Nissan, Vodafone, and Samsung.

“There is a gap in knowledge and a lot of confusion right now. We can help solve that,” says Richard Kastelein, Managing Director of Token.Agency. “The industry is shifting to a new, more credible market where tokens are securitized and acceptable to regulators. The next big, world-changing idea will be funded by this new wave of tokenomics.”

The partners have been involved in projects that raised more than $750 million in innovation funding in the United States, Singapore, Dubai, Gibraltar, Malta, Switzerland, Cayman Islands and Australia. “There is a gap in knowledge and a lot of confusion right now,” says Theron Andrews, VP of Marketing in North America. “Security token offerings in the U.S., in particular, are a great way to raise money in a regulated environment via accredited investors,” says Andrews, a former VP at New Alchemy. “And STOs are not only for startups but also for medium-sized businesses that want to grow.”

“We want to use our strong market position to not only educate people but also help them understand the blockchain business environment and find the right partners,” says Robert K. Elder, Token.Agency Founding Partner and Business Develop Executive.

“We prefer to work on projects that have social value or transformational capability,” says Kastelein. “Currently, we are finding that real estate, loyalty programmes and supply chains are all now being transformed by blockchain technology and tokenomics – with real use cases coming to market in 2019.”

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